Mindfulness interventions for individuals and organizations


Mindfulness is a way of being, a lifestyle

"Paying attention, in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, nonjudgmentally " is how Jon Kabat-Zinn defines it

What is mindfulness

We cannot choose what happens to us but we can choose what to do with it. We can guide the attention and orient it and avoid to be prey to thoughts, sensations and emotions.
Intention becomes fundamental, as the desire to fully stay in the here and now, experiencing the uniqueness of the present moment.
Not judgingmentally means noticing that we are constantly in judgment: I like/dislike. We can at least try not to judge the judgment.
Instant by instant means opening up to what emerges in the flow of life, to the unfolding of moments, without falling into the trap of "pre-" that has roots in the past and "pro-" that goes into the future: prejudices, preconceptions, concerns, but also projections, projects, self-fulfilling prophecies. 

What already works

Mindfulness is a set of awareness practices that activate resources already present in us.

More than looking for something that is wrong and therefore to be changed, it starts from what is already working in us and trains it. We learn to bring out and develop our best assets.

Mindfulness is a daily practice that helps us live better. Gradually, with practice, we learn to let go of unhealthy attitudes and behaviours and to cultivate those that are good for us, developing greater wisdom and compassion towards ourselves and others.

A laboratory always with us

Mindfulness is based on personal experience.
It is a unique path in which the practitioner is at the same time the laboratory, the scientist, the results and the experiment itself.
This involves an orthogonal rotation of the consciousness that observes itself and explores what happens with curiosity, kindness and patience

Why mindfulness

Mindfulness practice can help us reduce stress by training us to be present, moment to moment, encountering what is here and now.
By exploring sensations, emotions and thoughts with presence, we learn to get out of automatic and reactive patterns and to open ourselves to creative and transformative responses.
An experience suitable for everyone, without limits of age and physical condition. 

What mindfulness is not

Mindfulness is not relaxation, induction of altered states of consciousness, trance, it is not a religion or a new age practice, it is not a way to banish thoughts, it is not an anaesthetic from the pains of the world.

Yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mistery,
today is a gift: that's the reason why is called present
- Kung Fu Panda

What we offer

Protocolli MBSR per tutti
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction protocols for individuals

A program of eight weeks in sequence, with weekly sessions of two and a half hours. Mindfulness exercises and guided practices, voluntary sharing of experiences at home and short educational inserts

Interventi mindfulness per aziende
Mindfulness interventions for organizations

Mindful-based interventions tailored for companies are aimed at reducing stress, promoting conscious leadership and corporate well-being

Through mindfulness practices you learn, little by little, to manage complexity efficiently, improve attention, develop emotional intelligence, make effective decisions, enhance the team, recognize talent, develop networks and encourage innovation and the creativity 

Mindfulness for individuals
Mindfulness for individuals

For those who want to approach mindfulness practices with specific needs of time and topics, we offers personalized paths with focused and tailor-made meetings 

What you learn along the way

Little by little it turns out how:

  • discovering unknown personal resources, both physical and mental;
  • take care of yourself starting from the rediscovery of the body;
  • improve attention;
  • cultivate a non-judgmental attitude;
  • get in touch with even unpleasant inner experiences without being overwhelmed by them;
  • recognize automatisms and unhealthy habits;
  • manage the flow of emotions and thoughts;
  • face difficult situations;
  • cultivate kindness and benevolence;
  • respond creatively to stress instead of reacting automatically.

Who we are

Adesso Mindfulness was born after the Master in Mindfulness at Sapienza University of Rome. We are University of California San Diego - School of Medicine Qualified Mindfulness Instructors and we have completed a higher education course in Mindfulness in organizational contexts at the University of Pisa. We combine academic study with solid daily practice and in-depth study with internationally recognized masters. We believe in maintaining high quality standards but above all in constant comparison and continuous exchange. This is why dialogue is the basis of all our initiatives.

Francesca Rosso
Francesca Rosso

Graduated in Film History and Criticism, I have always been interested in movement and writing, I am a journalist and copywriter. In 2005, after the first trip to India comes yoga and in 2008 the classical Indian dance of odissi style. I started teaching yoga after an intensive teacher course at Satyuga in Rome in 2016. I studied dance in Bhubaneshwar in Orissa with stays of a couple of months at a time. I meet kalarippayattu, an ancient Indian martial art, in an intensive seminar in Poland in 2014 with Shankar and Justyna Nair and, during the lockdown, I am more and more passionate about this practice that disciplines mind and body.
At the beginning of 2018 meditation arrives thanks to the Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) protocol and then to the one in relational mindfulness with Mindful Torino. In the meantime, I deepen yin yoga with Arely Torres and participate in some retreats with the monks of the Santacittarama forest. I graduated in 2020 from Sapienza's Master in Mindfulness with a thesis on Mindful Cooking and the cuisine of Zen monasteries that takes me to Japan. I approach Zen and follow the seminars of master Dario Doshin Girolami. In March 2021 I have become a Qualified Mindfulness Protocol Instructor at UCSD School of Medicine, San Diego, California. In June 2021 I have completed the higher education course "Mindfulness application in organizational context" at Università di Pisa. I continue my training by attending yoga and meditation retreats.

Marco Mosca
Marco Mosca

Graduated in Computer Sciences at the University of Pisa, I approached yoga in 2013 to improve the quality of the hectic life of a manager. After a long research on different styles, in 2014 I started practicing Ashtanga Yoga, which I fall in love with for its teaching method and its transformative capacity. I immediately started practicing at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute (AYRI) in Rome, where I still continue my studies. Since 2014 I have been following Maestro Lino Miele in Italy and India. In 2018 I study Pranayama with master B.N.S. Iyengar. In 2020 I receive the teaching authorization from AYRI.
In 2018, during a trip to India, I approached Goenka-style Vipassana meditation. Back in Italy, I continued to nurture this new precious dimension. In 2019 I graduated as a Mindfulness Instructor with the Italian Center for Mindfulness Studies (CISM) in Rome and subsequently, in 2020, I completed the Master at Sapienza in Mindfulness with a thesis on Mindfulness in trauma recovery. In March 2021 I have become a Qualified Mindfulness Protocol Instructor at UCSD School of Medicine, San Diego, California. In June 2021 I have completed the higher education course "Mindfulness application in organizational context" at Università di Pisa. I deepen my Vipassana studies with master Henk Barendregt, Mirjam Hartkamp and professor Antonino Raffone. I regularly attend yoga and meditation retreats for a continuous deepening of the practices.

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